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autor: Zhen-Ling Ji    date: 2008-07-02 09:15:51
November 28-29th, 2008 || Shanghai, China || 7th International Congress on Colon and Rectal Cancer
Dear Colleagues, According to the board meeting of International Colon and Rectal Cancer Club (ICRCC) in Wiesbaden last year, China will organize the 7th International Congress on Colorectal Cancer. Surgery is the main treatment for colon and rectal cancers. There are some progresses in recent years, such as laparoscopic surgery, sentinel lymph node, pouch techniques, TME, local transanal resection, sphincter preserving operations, metastases treatment, pelvic exenteration, case load, quality control, fast track surgery, multimodal treatment and so on. On this occasion, we are greatly honored to hold this meeting in Shanghai, one of the fascinating cities in Asia. We do not doubt that with traditional Chinese hospitality, modern facility of the conference, company support, as well as your participation, this international conference on colorectal surgery would be successful. As you are an outstanding expert in colorectal cancer surgery, we would like to invite you to participate this congress and to present a lecture (see attacked file). Since financial restrict, we are very sorry to inform you that we could only support your registration fee, hotel accommodation, food, ground transportation and social activities when you arrival in China. We are looking forward to having your reply very soon. With Best Regards.
尹路 Prof. Dr. Lu Yin, MD, PhD. Executive President of the Congress
嵇振岭 Prof. Zhen-Ling Ji, MD, PhD. Co-Executive President of the Congress


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