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27.09.-.29.09.2018 || Ulm, Germany || 13. ICRCC 2018 Announcement
Next ICRCC Congress will be in Ulm, Germany, 27.09.-.29.09.2018. More information here soon.

1t is a pleasure to welcome you cordially in Ulm for the 13th Congress on Colorectal Cancer of the International Colorectal Cancer Club (ICRCC) going to Iake place from the 27th to the 29th of September 2018 at our University Hospital. The 13th ICRCC Congress is a multidisciplinary exchange of knowledge with the theme "Multidisciplinary approach - Challenge for the future".

Under this theme we want to focus on new treatment options of various stages of the disease. Modem minimal invasive approaches, endoscopically and surgically as weil as interventionally treatment strategies are going to be discussed as weil as potential interdisciplinary strategies for advanced local disease of liver and the peritoneum. ln parallel we also want to show the feasibility and limitations of surgical resections as weil as innovations and discuss individual solutions of specific problems. ln few of the fact that treatment of
colon and rectal cancer in more and more countries is performed by specialized multidisciplinary teams a focus of our sessions is going to be the approach in various countries and to enlight treatment possibilities from various points and different professions.

For that purpose we would also like to invite all personal that is involved in the management of patients suffering from colon and rectal cancer at our meeting in order to get familiar with their broad spectrum of treatment options that have become valuable for colon and rectal cancer within the last decades.

We also welcome cordially the students of the medical school to participate our meeling in order to enable medical students to get informed about the multiple facets of treatment options of colon and rectal cancer.

We encourage you to get actively involved in this broad challenge about the interdisciplinary Ireatmen I of colon and rectal cancer for the future and we wish all participants and visitors a very interesting and informative meeting. Welcome to Ulm


Prof. Dr. M. Kornmann

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